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No173.7 isn't always a lucky number

2011/09/28 00:32

One of my favorite musicians, Newton Faulkner, covers Teardrop originally sung by Massive Attack, the song famous for the repeated Emmy Award nominee House MD, again one of my favorites. When I listen to this song, something weird and spiritual feeling flows into me and then completely goes away, exactly like a tide. Most of his 17 acoustic songs recorded in Hand Built by Robots are lively and neutral except the seventh song “Teardrop”. Even though he is often categorized as “surfer-ish musician”, why does number seven behave in a different way?

The day after the above damn stupid thinking, I woke up in the morning and lost my words. An unexpected email told that one of my classmates at Columbia passed away due to complications of diabetes, the one I formed a team with at International Business class. Many people in the world are born and die in every single moment. Why does only her passing have a special meaning for and bring teardrops to me?

And will teardrops dry out someday as a tide goes away at the end of Newton Faulkner’s song?

I miss you so much, DC.

With my deepest sympathy and with my favorite song for your family,

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2011/09/24 17:35



「より手軽に、より身近に。あなたの街のXYZです」(註: XYZはファミレスの名前です。)



More Easy, More Close
in your town, it’s your XYZ


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